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Finished my interview this morning! It will be aired tomorrow morning in the 6am hour on WVLT Local 8 news. I will make sure to post the link on here and on my Facebook page as well.

What a journey that God has taken us on. When I wrote the First post about Hope, it was such difficult day.

I've went back and read that post and remember the paralyzing grief I felt. There are no right words to express my gratefulness that I can now function, and the pain does not take my breath away everyday.

I can be honest in saying that almost a year and 1/2 later my heart is still hurting. I am not sure you ever stop hurting but as cliche as it sounds time does heal. It is OK that I have good and bad days... grief is like that. It can hit you all at once and not even see it coming. Then there are days like today where I feel empowered because of what I have been through. I want help others process all of this, and be able to learn myself through others.

I am so incrediably grateful to be able to share our story in this interview and most of all raise awareness for these precious babies that we have lost. I'm excited to be able to release balloons in honor of our children that we all miss and grieve. 

One of the questions I was asked today that no one has ever asked me. 

Will I continue to participate in Pregnancy and Infant loss awareness and honor Hope when we have other children?

My answer is yes. I think that in this season of my life I'm going to be able to use this platform to help others deal with the grief and trauma that can in-fact cripple you. When we have other children I am not sure what that will look like for that season but I will never stop standing behind this cause.

For the rest of my days on earth I will celebrate our Hope until I meet her in Heaven and love on her. My heart aches for that day. 

This has molded me. I am not the same women I was last year, actually I am not the same women I was in January.

I am excited to see what the Lord has in store! You just never know... 

I am moving forward with what the Lord ask me to do. Josh and I are willing vessels and want to be where God puts us.

Our balloon release will be at:
Adair Park
1807 Adair Drive
Knoxville TN 

We will begin at 12pm October 15th

If you would like to attend, we would be honored to have you. Please bring your balloon that you would like to release. I will have markers to write on the balloons if you wish. 

Here are the links that I mention in the interview

Aunt LaLa


  1. I love you! You are such an inspiration to me and I'm sure to so many around you!
    Yes, you never know from day to day when it will hit you and hit you hard when you lose your child. I will be going and doing great and all of a sudden I get anxiety and start to remember the day we went in for our ultrasound to see our Owen and have that vision stuck in my head of the nurse looking at me and having this look of, OMG your son has no heart beat. I still remember the day/night that I was admitted into the hospital to go in and start prep to deliver him. I still remember all my family coming in and showing their love and support and my extended family/friends sending us messages, cards and teddy bears to donate to the hospital in honor of Owen. I still remember the day I had to show up to the funeral home holding my precious baby and handing him over to be cremated so I could have him in my home forever. I could go on and on. I don't think I could have done what you did this morning. I pray and think of you and Josh often. I so badly want you guys to be blessed with a precious little one. Its the best thing ever, I thank God each and every day for our Gabriel. Thank you for having the courage to do what you did this morning. You will be blessed in so many ways before you know it. And, I too will be releasing a balloon on the 15th at noon with Owen and Hopes name on it. Thank you for including him in your yearly release. Hugs to you my awesome Cousin! (I hope this makes sense as I was emotional as I was typing it) LOL

  2. So many babies in Heaven! Little angels having fun and enjoying their heavenly world! Owen and Hope are precious little delights for all to enjoy up there! I look forward to meeting them one day and I want both of you to know I will hug and kiss them daily for you!

    Kristi, you are also an inspiration to my whole family. All of my us look forward to your post and pictures of Gabe. What a precious beautiful little boy and what wonderful parents you are! I am so proud of you!

    And Lauren my heart is bursting with pride for you too my dear! God is opening doors and you don't hesitate to enter in. You have such a big heart!
    Keep doing what the Lord is leading you to do, you will be an inspiration to many!! I love you with all my heart!


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