Unstable is how I feel.
Not in a I might harm myself or others...ok there is one person who I'm having a hard time being around. God and I are working on that.
Any way, I'll spare you details [not wanting to sound whiny] but every since God opened the doors for me to share our story it feels as if I have been in a battle. 

I'm weary.
I'm angry.
I'm worried.
I'm fearful.
I'm insecure.

However, I do serve a God who loves me and no, I don't understand all his ways and I'm certain they are far more complex than my mind can comprehend.

He is strong
He is calm
He is peace
He is LOVE
He is unchanged

Where I'm weak he is strong. 

I'm thankful for friends and family who are praying for us. We have decisions to make, changes to come and we need his guidance. 

Let's encourage one another, is there anything I can pray for you about? I would love to. Darkness is driven out by light. So let's spread CHRIST love and praise God for what he has done for us not being bogged down by what we THINK is best. 

Aunt LaLa


  1. Very true love, we must put our trust in Him. And this too shall pass

  2. Do you remember the toy that babies played with, it was called "Weeble Wobble" had a round bottom? You would tap it down and would stand right up again? Hit it harder and it would touch the ground turn around then seem unstable but stand up right again? Nothing we could do to make it stay down. And all the time it played this ridiculous chime! Reminds me of the life as a Christian. We are nudged a little but pop up again. Then the enemy hits a little harder and we wobble bend down turn around , good news, we stand right up again. And it's NOT that we have ROUND CHRISTIAN BOTTOMS. Haha! It's because we have been rounded, molded, by the Potter! Your still a work in progress! Trust Him as I know you do always. SING, not a ridiculous chime but praises and worship! The unstable can't last! Praying for you always!
    Love grams

  3. Wow, I love the inspiration of the ups and downs in others lives. I know that God lives and I know happiness comes within. Your vibration has to do a lot with the way you feel, find a way to stir your vibration to the max. Everything will fall in place and you will have no unstable feelings. Clear you head think about nothing, then God will poor into your Chakra and you will be blessed beyond your greatest thoughts. Love you sweet Angel on earth. Kisses and bunches of hugs

  4. I love that you share your heart here with us. It definitely isn't easy to lay your whole heart and soul bare for the world to see, but the world needs to see more examples like you. People have and will be blessed by your story! Hugs, sweet friend!


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