White Line Police

One of the funniest things happened while we were on vacation in April! J reminded me of it a couple days ago and I was like

 "Why have I not shared this hilarious story!?"

We were on our way back to our hotel - everyone engrossed in conversation about our experience at Margaritaville. We were having such a great time no one else saw this man standing on the corner at the red light. 

I am people watcher. When I'm out and about I notice everyone's behaviors. I hear lots of conversations... and it does not help that I learned at a young age to read lips... 

Ooops the secret is out :)

So as J pulls up to the red light this man starts to yell something and pointing that car. Now I had my window down to get some breeze all I could here him say was


So I'm watching him pace back and forth as he talks into his shirt. Yes his shirt. Then he starts to shout again.. 

"You crossed it! You crossed it!" 

I get J's attention and tell him to look at this guy right as I do that he CHARGES at the car while reaching into his pocket! My window was still down!

Scared me to death! I roll my window up as fast as it would go! 

All the while the guy is saying something about the police, white lines, and crossing them!

He goes behind our car and starts to type on the cell phone he pulled out of his pocket... Like he is getting our license plate

As the light turns green he gets all calm walk over to the passenger side (where I am) and says

"OK you can go!" And waves us on like a traffic cop! I started just laughing!

It possibly could have been out of fear or just the hilarity of this guys obsession with the white lines. 

 I look back to see that he is directing traffic from his corner. 

 Which later on I couldn't stop thinking about him getting our tag... What if find out where we lived!? I mean your tag says a lot. State and city where you reside. That was an uncomfortable thought... But my paranoia subsided and I was able to move on...

So if you decide to visit Myrtle Beach... You BETTER stop BEFORE the white line! :) 

Have a great 4th!

Staying Hopeful, 
Aunt LaLa



  1. Haha, funny! I would have been scared! Someone comes up to my window, I am flooring the gas pedal and running that white line!


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