Choosing to Stay

When we got married I knew that marriage was not all fun and happy times.

You go through life together...

The ups the downs and the in-between
There have been some really highs and some really lows.
But we have CHOSE to be together and fight for what we have.
I prayed for my husband from the age of 13. I didn't want to settle for second best. I wanted my prince charming.

A conversation I had with my best buddy is sticking with me.
We get caught up in life. And we take for granted that we have that special person. We get used to the care they give us.
Double check with yourself. Are you appreciative of what your spouses did for you? When is the last time you thanked your spouse for going to work for
Do you nag?
Try to change them?
Snap at them?

Don't take for granted that your spouse chooses to stay every day... there are other choices. You know them.
So let's be a thankful for that choice...

Food for I wasn't thinking about leaving J :) 

Aunt LaLa

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  1. Life without me, 'tis for to laugh! Ha! My life would be horrible without you, you truly are the most amazing woman I could have been blessed with! I love you so much!

  2. Choosing to stay. Choosing to make it work instead of giving up is not the easy way but a lot of hard work. But if both sides of the marriage, husband and wife, want to work at it and stay together it's worth it in everyday. One thing I am sure of is that the Lord put you and J together, no doubt.I didn't choose to stay but I chose to come back and stay. After 52 years it is still hard work. But we love each other anyway. Love you both!

  3. I love this, Lauren! What a great reminder that we do need to appreciate our spouse for choosing us! I needed this reminder to remember to show my husband that appreciation. So glad you and Josh found one another! :-)


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