Time is a valuable thing...

It passes so fast. 

Today marks 6 years since Josh and I's first date. 

It seems a life time ago really... I was at a clothes store trying to find the perfect outfit to wear. I was nervous and excited. Josh seemed so sweet on the phone. And I enjoyed talking to him (for hours) :-) 

I remember seeing him pull up and watching him get out of his car. My heart just fluttered. I smile thinking about our first date. You can read our love story by clicking here or by going to the "Mr. and Mrs." tab up above.

I value every day, every minute... especially after these last couple of weeks. 

I'm so happy I followed God's leading and took a chance... I love you sweetheart

**Update on FIL: We almost lost my father-in-law Thursday night. He was basically drowning as his body was filling with fluid. It was a scary night for all of us. All is well and I know God was with him and touched his body. He is know doing very well and surprisingly back home. We are believing he will continue to do so.**

 Staying Hopeful, 
Aunt LaLa


  1. I thought our first date was kinda stinky lol! And smokey! But I would do it over again and again! I love you more everyday we are together! Thanks for putting up with a fool like me!

  2. Aww, I think you two have such a sweet love story, and I have enjoyed reading it and following along as it continues! I will continue to pray for your father-in-law that his health will continue to improve.


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