300th Post

That is right my friends my 300th post!! 

So much pressure from a high number :)

I've been thinking about life alot lately.

I have 8 months left of classes... that is right only 8. I will be a college graduate. It is so encouraging for people that care about me to let me know they are praying and they root me on!

Josh and I have only had one year out of our 6 year marriage where I wasn't writing a paper, preparing a presentation, reading a text book... yada yada :)

So I'm looking forward to where God takes me.

This blog is documenting a journey that has had twist, turns, heart aches, and more ... And I'm still growing in all different ways! :)

One of the ways is my weight loss. I have went down 2 pant sizes. So my total weight loss since 2010 is: 123lbs. That's right my friends!! I'm pretty excited about it!

Here are a couple photos courtesy of my hubby...


  1. Wow, girl! Show off some more! That is amazing, and you look beautiful! Josh, take some more pictures of your beautiful wife! :-)

  2. You are doing great! Taking care of your future and taking care of your health!
    I am so proud of you! I am always proud of you! Love you and big big hug from grams!


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