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This made such sense to when I seen it on Happy Wives Club Facebook post!

I remember being so self consious of my looks, personality, well everything when I met Josh.

I've been told many things about myself

Too loud
Can't whisper
Need to lose wieght
No Compassion
Too hard
Too emotional
To straighlaced
Boobs are too small
Calves look like a mans
Flat feet
"You are the STURDY one"
Goody Goody
Your not the baby
Your just like your mom (Which was said as an insult.. but my mom is awesome so Hah!) 

These words and comments follow you throughout life don't they? Every time you go to do something one of these "hauntings" come back.

Going into a new relationship all your insecurities show their ugly heads.

When I met Josh I had a couple of toads and toads friends in my life. It left my self-esteem in a disarray and smashed. I had gained some confidence but not where it should have been.

Then I met Josh. The sweetest and gentlest man ever. His compliments and encouragment has made me the confident woman I am today. I feel sexy. I feel beautiful. Most of all I feel accepted for who I am.

I did not change my core to make him love me... he loves me for me.

So a bit of encouragment...

If you are single- Look for a guy like my Josh who thinks you rock this world! Who loves everything about you! And wants to show you how awesome you are!

If you are dating/seeing a toad- GET AWAY! Listen, if your dating and when he is supposed to be on his BEST behavior he acting like a toad. Making you feel bad about yourself in anyway. SAY GOOD BYE. Because you will not change him before and definitely NOT after marriage

If you are married and you feel these insecurities- You are not alone. Reach out to our community at Happy Wives Club. Or a good ENCOURAGING friend. Talk and communicate your needs to your husband. If he is not listening seek advice from a counselor or pastor.

I hope you know if any of you need an ecouraging word or prayer please contact me... email (auntlala25[at]gmail or facebook

A very blessed wife, 
Aunt LaLa
Happy Wives Club


  1. Good word for all of us! I hope plenty people read this and know that they can encourage or destroy with words. The power of words can build up or tear down! Love you, you are perfect to me too!

  2. Very good word sweetie! This could also be said from my point of view because you have helped my self esteem more than you know! I love you so very much!

  3. I shared this on facebook a while ago because I loved it too! It is amazing how finding someone who truly loves you just the way you are can boost your self-esteem. You and Josh are very lucky to have one another!

  4. Wonderful advice...It's really great that we can find supportive Christian women on the internet(Happy Wives Club) who will love and encourage each other! Thanks for sharing and reminding us that He loves us for being ourselves.


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