Think about this...

Do you know what I think would be AMAZING!!??

If every couple had to go through pre-marital counseling. I am not talking about a few 30 minute sessions either.

I mean a weekend or workshops devoted to learning how to have a healthy marriage. J and I were so fortunate to go on one of those weekends, and honestly if we hadn't I wonder how healthy we would have been or be now...

We hit some major crisis almost immediately after getting married...

I would like to think that we would still make it to the place we are right now, but I don't know.

We learned some valuable skills that have changed the course of relationships around us, and have definitely altered the way we approach things now.

We need to make our marriage a priority. Do not get so comfortable that you think everything is OK. Stay on guard look for ways to improve.

We are continuing through out life being art work of God, that changes all the time. Do you not think that includes changes (or needed changes) in our marriage?

Look for marriage workshops, retreats, devotionals, books... The best book I can recommend is the BIBLE.

Think if we practiced our "LOVE each other as your self" on our spouse how awesome that would be??

I think it is safe to say that our spouses would be grateful

Working on your marriage MATTERS....

Imagine if every engaged couple went to per-marital counseling... only to continue to use skills they learned through out their marriage...Then we could possible eliminate divorce...

Ultimately if these pre-marital courses are getting into the dynamics of marriage, communication, dreams, expectations... then those who didn't need to be getting married (I believe) would discover that.

And then IF they got married and made that commitment to use the things they learned....

Can you tell I'm compassionate about this?? Well I am . :)
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  1. I agree Lauren. Marriage is always worth the effort if both sides try and do their best. Husband and wife need to talk it out but also "listen it out" down to the smallest argument or the biggest disagreement. Premarital counselling is great if you can afford it. We had a one day session years ago and the minister prayed with us before we took that big step. It hasn't always been a bed of roses sometimes it felt like the roses had thorns. LOL! Love you

  2. Oh my goodness, yes! My husband and I went through a 12-week premarital counseling course (we'd meet with the psychologist once a week for 12 weeks straight) and I am SOOOO happy we did that. I often wished people had to go through this, as you mentioned, because I have no doubt the divorce rate would plummet. There are few challenges in life we've come across that we didn't talk about before we got married and agreed at that time the best way to handle them. It's been an enormous blessing in our lives.


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