How I am going to "deal" with Mothers Day

Over  the last couple months I have been ignoring that day that comes every May. In my heart and mind I dwelled on occasionally in prayer what am I going to do about this holiday I dread every year (if I'm honest)... this year was going to be the worst.

J and I discussed it many times. I had made up my mind. We were going to celebrate Saturday with our mothers and be MIA on Sunday.

Every person who loves us and is close knows about our precious Hope. Maybe some have even thought on what they are going to say to me, how should they handle me being around, should they get me a mothers day card?

Grief and loss can sometimes stump us and make things awkward.

Here is my answer from my heart.

After much prayer and some counsel with a dear friend... some sweet comments about our baby...

Here is how I'm going to "deal" with Mothers day.

1. I'm not going to just deal with it I'm going to celebrate it. And the women in my life that are my mother's.
2. I'm going to need lots of hugs.
3. Please don't tell me your sorry.
4. Talk about Hope, it's ok. I can handle it.
5. If you want to get me a card or wish me a happy mothers day then it's ok. This is my first mothers day that I'm celebrating as a mom. our sweet baby is just in Heaven.

I know tomorrow is going to be difficult. I know that there are going to be moments this week where grief will leave me speechless.

Above all this, God will keep me. He will be my shield, strength, and my comforter.

So please remember J and I in your prayers. That we have peace and strength.

Staying Hopeful,
Aunt LaLa


  1. Love you my precious Lauren!
    Praying for you and Josh!

  2. Happy Mother's Day! You and your baby are only a part for a "little" while and have the hope and joy of knowing you'll be together one day forever. I know she loves watching her parents love for one another and for her. Have a wonderful day tomorrow!


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