Feelings... frustration... But its Friday!

I only have 1 week and 2 1/2 days left with my students in the school atmosphere. That's it.

Haven't heard anything definite about my job continuing. So that is frustrating.

I know God has a plan.

This weekend will be difficult. Just wishing I could sleep until next Thursday.

Not sure how I'm feeling about Mothers Day. Very conflicting emotions. I can not believe next Wednesday will be  one year we lost our precious baby. I found a great poem that says what I'm feeling.

I never got to hold you & bounce you on

my lap, I never got to read to you

or watch you as you nap.  You slipped

away so quickly, before I said your name.

And yet I want the world to

know I loved you just the same.

-Anne Peterson

This rings so true in my heart. I loved Hope, I always will. *sighs* Moving on.

Friday Letter's with The Sweet Season

Dear Mother's Day, not sure how I feel about you at the moment. Not looking forward to you. 
Dear Hope, I miss you. You will be gone a year next week. 
Dear Beach, Oh how I miss you!
Dear J, you are pretty awesome
Dear S, looking forward to our talk tomorrow
Dear S and J, Can't wait until the 18th!
Dear Mel, You really do crack me up. WE are the odd ones! LOL
Dear Bosses, please get all this rolling
Dear God, I'm holding on to you with all I have. 

Staying Hopeful, 
Aunt LaLa


  1. Every since my mother died, Mothers Day has been bitter sweet! I wasn't the wonderful mom my mother was but we both loved being a mom. I miss my kids when they were little, I miss my grandchildren when they were little but I enjoy every moment they still call me mom and grandma now that they are all grown up (most of them).
    I want so bad for you and Josh to be parents, either natural or adopt. I promise either way, you'll love being a mother and all of us will love that child with all our hearts. Hope is having a blast in heaven, would you really call her back? You will be blessed with a another child, I know in my heart! I love you ! Celebrate Mothers Day with a big smile because you have a child waiting on you up there! How awesome is that???

  2. Just reread my post and it didn't sound right at the end. Hope you know what I meant about Hope being in Heaven and it is awesome to know you will see her again. It would have been wonderful to have her here too! Love you

  3. You will be the best mommy ever when Jesus is ready and Hope is having a blast with Jesus love you

  4. You will be the best mommy ever when Jesus is ready and Hope is having a blast with Jesus love you


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