Wife After God

I started following Jennifer at Unveiled Wife early this year.

I love her desire and passion to help marriages. When I got married I was fortunate enough to have some what of a realistic view of marriage. I knew it would be work, but honestly I never imagined the struggles, arguments, crisis we would face in our marriage. 

I truly believe that the enemy tries to isolate us and make us feel we struggle alone. He has tried so in my grief. 

Any one who knows J and I know that we have a special love, we are each others help mates. When God created each of us, when we were in our mother's wombs, we were meant for each other. 

I do not think that our society promotes happy marriages, it does not promote the marriage that God wants us to have. 

I love journaling and devotions... obviously. 

Jennifer wrote a devotional called "Wife After God".  I wrote Jennifer and told her I would love to do a book review for her devotional. I was so excited when I got the email with my copy of the devotional.

It is a 30-day devotional that I have dragged out for now almost 2 months. I will tell you why, this devotional has given so much food for thought. I went into this with my expectations high, I always do when it comes to devotionals. 

I look for words of wisdom that challenge in my personal walk in Christ. 
Realistic applicable message
Devotions that are parallel with the word of God
Word of God being the foundation of the devotions

Let me tell my expectations were met and went beyond!

I have been challenged as a woman of God in every aspect not just being a wife. Honestly if I was not a wife there is so much potential for change.The scriptures are so embedded in this devotional and it is applicable. Having a challenge for each day which I loved... it was a challenge that I could obtain.

One of the other aspects I loved was there is a social media implementation which I loved! Another was the journal questions, really challenging me. Made me think and look at myself, & how I could be  a better woman of God. 

I cannot promote this devotional enough. It truly changed me. Through this book, God has shown me so much. I am better for it. It has made me appreciate and love my husband more. My walk with Christ is better.

I recommend you buying this you can read more about the devotional HERE and purchase it HERE

I know that I will be purchasing a hard copy for myself, as well as a couple of Christmas presents.

Thank you so much Jennifer for you passion and caring enough about marriages to write this devotional! 

Aunt LaLa


  1. Sounds like Jennifer is a wonderful spiritual friend to have! Glad you enjoyed the devotional! It is always a challenge for us to examine ourselves to see how we can be a better Christian, wife and friend. Love you


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