Its his breath

What a season of trust that I have been walking through!
I know these last few months I have been scarce, with good reason.
I'm walking into the last part of my pregnancy. And this pregnancy has brought many trials and struggles that I did not have with my son.
However the pregnancy has gone very well, and our new baby is going to be healthy. We are praying and believing that she will be healthier and have a non emergency C-section.
I have been healthy, I have had to be on several medications that I was not on previously. I take several insulin injections a day, I am on hypertension medication, and other medicines.
This pregnancy started out very emotional and alot of ups and downs. You can read about that here
Here I am 34 weeks pregnant as I'm about to publish this post.
We are having a sweet little girl... And I cannot wait.
She moves all the time and I love it.
I've had to rest and trust that she is going to be okay.
We have dealt with many stressful life events. Some traumatic. That's been hard to navigate.
Every single time God was already there before us.
During my dad's quadruple bypass surgery, when two family members were admitted to the hospital within a week, friends passing away,... Some hurts, dealing with some of the most intense anxiety I have ever dealt with.
It's just been alot. All while growing our precious daughter in my womb.
Actually, God has been silent most of the time. I've seen glimpses of him through every thing we have faced, just showing us that he is there and he loves us. That he is taking care of us.
I've had to just rest in him, resting in the scriptures I've clung to through other trails we have walked through.
When you go through all these life changing things, sometimes crisis, sometimes they are great things... But even positive things cause an amount of stress.
Your mind can get foggy, feeling of being overwhelmed.
But I'm so thankful that there is a God I can rest in, and trust in.
His breathe is in our lungs. He is our Creator.
I used to sing a song over E when he was in the NICU. A song by All Sons and Daughters called Great Are You Lord.
You can watch it here
I have it sung it over my daughter even before she gets here...
It's one I sing to myself, to remind myself who is in control.
All my love,
Aunt LaLa


  1. Life is breath, Yes, God is our breath for he is life! Everything's going to be alright! I always enjoy reading your blog, it's part of your therapy and Is part of mine. l can't wait to meet Esther, she is going to be beautiful and she is going to be loved so much. I love you, Josh and Ethan and now precious baby girl. <3

    1. Thank you so much!! I love you ❤️❤️

  2. I love you so much. You are such an inspiration to me.


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