Heavy Heart

Not really the first post I wanted to write after Thanksgiving, but it is on my heart. It is so upsetting that again we are watching a shooting at a school in Colorado. 

I just do not understand what is going on and why? I know there are several opinions politically and otherwise of the reasons. 

I cannot stop thinking about the shooter today who was a student. I hate what he did, I hate that his actions wounded two other students, I hate that his actions caused these parents and students to experience such a tragedy... 

But I DO NOT hate the shooter. What was going through his mind? Why did he do this? What was he thinking right before he took his own life? 

My stomach is sick, sick with the thoughts of the shooters family and his friends... or anyone who has contact with him... thinking what could I have done? Did I do enough? 

It is just sickening... 

I read on a local news station on Facebook that when they announced that the shooter killed himself there were comments of "good" "why did he have to kill himself, could he not face punishment?" "great another opportunity to gun control" 

Are you kidding me? Where is our comapassion? Where are the people who could have reached out more to this student? 

My heart just breaks... 

I'm thankful that is was not as bad as it could have been. I'm thankful that only 2 were wounded and non have lost their lives besides the shooter. 

I'm praying hard for these families and the families of the Sandy Hook tragedy. Those of past tragedies like columbine. I know memories have to resurface. 

Hugging my family extra hard today. 

Aunt LaLa


  1. Yes, it is so sad. I can't imagine what was going on in his life to want to do such a thing. To come prepared to hunt down his prey. Was it anger, rejection, bullied as a kid, mental illness, revenge?? Prayers to the family and friends of the children who were shot and to the shooters family and friends. His family or maybe even the staff at school will go through asking themselves questions what could we have done, how could we have stopped this rage, was it our fault??? Where did we fail him? Or did we? No one knows now except our Lord above. Just pray.

  2. it is so sad. we have forgotten how to communicate and just result in shooting people and taking them out b/c we are not happy with something. i pray it stops soon!


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