Thanks alot Police officer...

I seriously cannot believe this happened to me.

So, there comes a time in everyone's life that you realize you are getting older...

I mean you know your age, you see your body sagging.

Your derriere... the girls... even your eyelids change...

As my almost three year old says "what in da werald!?"

(Excuse me why I sob because my baby will be three soon)

I am only 31. And Friday for the first time felt slapped in face with "you are ooolllddd"

I need to start at the beginning.

J and I were leaving our apartment, and I noticed that there was a big pile of stuff.

I commented on that is weird, did some one lose a bag? As we were talking about the who, what, and where J spots a social security card.

So I jump out get closer and see several items that belong in a wallet.

I go over to the pile of random and see a wallet, screw driver, half a biscuit, driver license with a name that doesn't match the social security card...

So I gathered what I thought was important and got back in the car.

We started driving toward my in-laws and tried to come up with scenarios of what could of happened.

Couple has fight... someone throws the others stuff out the window

They left a bag on top of car


J finds the man from the license we found and sent him a message on Facebook... I find the woman with that matched college ID and the of the social security card.

(PSA: Bye the way it was VERY easy finding these people online. I could see several post that this young woman was apart of from her college from cautious of what you have public)

I hear back from the young woman and she said that her car had been broken into the night before and wanted to meet for her things.

Well then I realized this was all stolen. And the pile of stuff must have been apart of the dump with the other things that were stolen.

The wallet was not hers and the items that were stolen were not there... only some of the ID's I found.

She did not know the man from the license.

Now knowing that is was a crime, we call the police and have them meet us at our apartment.

We were gone for about twenty minutes MAX

EVERYTHING that I did not pick up was GONE

Cleaned up. Nothing was there.

We only have 8 apartments in our building, and there was only one other person that was home.

Not sure what happened... but anyway...

So the police officer pulled up.

I tell him what happens, and he proceeds to tell me that his daughter who is in her second year of college had her car broke into...

She did not lock her doors and left her school bag in plain sight...

NOW this is where he said


What the mess!?

Am I not considered young anymore...

Now full disclosure I was not wearing any make-up...and it was a very SUNNY day (HA!)

I was just shocked.

Am I looking that old? I mean come on?

J was completely on the police officer's side!

He was all logical like, "You have a car seat in your car, and then there was me, we are married, have a sedan. But you don't look old"

Nice save there J.

So it was a bruise to my ego.

And it was just a weird day all around.

If your wondering what happened with the people's things.. the police were going to return the items. I gave them the young women's phone number.

Well anyway HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!

All my Love,
Aunt (apparently old now) LaLa


  1. Hey! Your not old, just lightly seasoned! But just as beautiful as the day I first met you! That copper was just a crazy person.


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