Nitty Gritty Mom

I have have been a mommy for a little over 2 years

That's 28 months

Which is 876 days

Or you could say 21,024 hours

When broken down like that it doesnt seem all that long.

But I feel like it was a lifetime ago that it was the two of us. Before Ethan.

Now to warn you I'm about to go all mom on you... So if you are a guy this may not be entertaining... If you have no interest to face the reality of being a mom...Or if you don't want to read my mom confessions....

Then this post is not for you ::smile::

I'm laughing here... Oh boy...

So I was doing laundry...I noticed my underwear.

They are quite... Eh worn

I told J I really needed to get some underwear.

He asked when was the last time I had gotten any new ones...

I had to literally sit down and think. Think. And think.

Oh moms...I really hope I'm not alone here.

I have not bought new undies since I was pregnant with E.

What in the world is wrong with me?

I started to think... When did I by last bra?

Two years ago!?

When did I buy my last pair of decent shoes?

May 2014... And they were a present.

When was the last time I had a professional hair cut?

Summer... Over 9 months ago

J was all, "that is going to change" "you need to take care of yourself" ....

All I could think of was the book party coming up and how I was going to budget for Ethan to these great alphabet cards... And he needs bigger shirts... J needs some more t-shirts

You see the pattern here?

I know I'm not alone. I seen my mom do these same things.

She would wear her Ked's until they were sporting  holes.

This is a picture of  my family (minus my older sister) circa 1993-94.

This is one of favorite pictures.

Guys, I had a great mom. I wrote a whole post about her in my post I am determined

We as moms are born with this drive to do the best for our kids

When I see my mom in this picture I see a mom who made sure everyone got their matching outfits
Perfect hair
Fanny pack

Then there was no desire to make herself look perfect or there wasn't enough time. If I remember correctly we probably had new clothes on for the vacation and my mom is wearing one of my dad's older shirts.

My mom is beautiful isn't she? She still is.

But as I've been working on this blog post a scripture keeps coming to my heart

Mark 12:30-31
Love the Lord with all your heart
Love your neighbor as yourself

When Jesus says this I don't think he means be haughty or prideful.

But to realize your worth in Christ.

Your made in his image... He loves you.

You are a priority to him!

Listen, I get it...I am one of those moms that my kid is my life. Josh and I enjoy him so much. We adore him.

But I want him to see me love myself so that he has a healthy view of what a mother and wife look like.

Moms... It's okay to buy ourselves underwear or get a new bra. Stop feeling guilty.

Invest in yourself.

If that means needing a morning away so you can spend some time in the Bible or in prayer

If that means going to counseling ... Having a mental wellness day

Sometimes that means saying no to all the "stuff" your kids do not need

It's important that we see our value... Our sons, daughters, niece's, and nephews are watching.

So this Valentine's day love yourself single, married, in a relationship... Love yourself... Than do as Christ says go shower love on someone else.

My love to everyone!

Aunt LaLa

PS Check out J's YouTube channel "Sometimes I Say Things" .... Video below is a collaboration with us talking about one of our favorite! Top 5 burgers and sandwiches with special guest Aunt Lala


  1. Get going, go shopping! I find a comfortable pair of shoes, I will wear them out. I find underwear that is comfortable, I wear them holey, I find a bra until it rides up my back. It's all about comfort!

    1. My most comfortable shoes are the ones you got me! LOL time for some new ones! 😘😘

  2. Oh yes, that was soon good, girl! Eddie and I have started giving each other underwear for Christmas. He loves picking them out at Victoria's Secret. Haha! I try to get a nice bra at their semi-annual sale once a year. I am terrible at buying shoes. I hate how much they cost to get a good pair and my feet are so hard to fit. Sigh. I only get a decent hair cut once a year but I kind of like it. I let it grow out and then it really feels like a change when I get it cut. So we moms are in the trenches together, but you and your mama are gorgeous. I love your smiles!

    1. That's a great idea! Im sure Josh would love to do that lol. I feel the same about shoes. My feet are just strange and do not corporate when I want cute shoes. Thank you for comment! 😘😘


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